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the salty hive

beard & body oil - several scents to choose from!

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beard & body oil

this is not your average oil - it's all-natural and multi-purpose! it can give you a marvelous mane, soften your skin, and keep your cuticles looking their best. not just for the bearded gentleman, it's great for shaving and even works as a make-up remover. get your glow on with this one-of-a-kind oil - several scents to choose from!

to use for facial hair: place 1-3 drops into palms & spread evenly. brush beard with a clean dry brush to evenly spread oil.

fractionated coconut oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, aloe extract, vitamin e, walnut oil, fragrance

available scents:

into the woods: 
sandalwood, amber spice, & pine. tame your inner bigfoot.

mama, just kilt a man: 
green iris, lemon verbena, violet, & bagpipes.

the freshest cereal: 
follow your nose to the nostalgic bowl of tangerines, berries, lemons, & sugar.

didn't mean to turn you on: 
bergamot, citrus, violet, & sandalwood. masculine, sexy, & irresistible.

hairy beast: 
rugged cardamon, mandarin, black pepper, & leather. rawrgwawggr

90's boy: 
fresh mandarin, lemon, & bergamot. that nostalgic americana scent of the 90’s.

[not pictured] the howling: 
sandalwood bark, amber, patchouli, & silver bullets.

🏙 local supporting local 🏙
nearly all of my supplies comes from fellow ohio businesses!