bloody valentine wax melts - horror wax melts

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bloody valentine
hand-poured wax melts -- net wt 3 oz | 85 g (photos may reflect former packaging with slightly different wt until new photos are done)
[my neca figure is most certainly not included!]

scent description:
valentine's day party punch & a hint of the coal mine

"from the heart comes a warning, filled with bloody good cheer. remember what happened as the 14th draws near." the miner's been locked up in an asylum for 20 years since he was found left for dead in the caved-in mine...but someone doesn't want the town holding any more valentine's day dances and are leaving candy boxes with human inside...
"it happened once, it happened twice. cancel the dance or it will happen thrice." [quotes from my bloody valentine 1981]

add 1-2 squares to a wax warmer. always follow manufacturer's instructions for your warmer. keep out of reach of children.

each square lasts an average 14-16 hours, however it does depend on the warmer size/wattage, tealight warmer, room size/draft [see below for tips to get the most out of your melts.]
(testing done using 1 large scentsy warmer, 1 small 10 yr old partylite warmer, & 1 candle warmer/wax warmer duo by 'candle warmers etc')

πŸ™ local supporting local πŸ™
nearly all of my supplies comes from fellow ohio businesses!

i use a custom wax blend of soy & mineral that provides an exceptional cold & hot scent throw. the maximum allotted amount of fragrance/essential oil is used to provide you with the best smelling experience possible. all melts are hand-poured in small batches & self-tested for quality control. my melts are compatible in scentsy & other electric or tealight warmers. *not to be used in oil burners.

my melt squares & shapes may be cut smaller to mix & match with my other scents to create your own unique blend!
*please note that wax performances vary in different homes, room sizes, & warmers. warmers work best when kept away from ac vents, stairs, & windows.
some fragrances will be stronger than others, i.e.: cotton candy vs almond.

my wax melts & candles, because of my unique custom wax blend, are made with an indefinite shelf life when stored properly.
⭐ store in a dark & cool place, or at least room temperature, max.
⭐ never store melts in refrigerator or freezer.
⭐ wax melts are like vampires! keep them out of direct sunlight – at least for extended period of time – not only will they melt, the heat will evaporate that awesome scent before you even get to enjoy it!