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the salty hive

mom moments candle - funny mother's day candles

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choose from the following phrases below!
hand-poured small batch candle

1. grandkids: MOM instead of grandkids, can i interest you in this candle?

2. raise: MOM it must have been such an honor to raise me.

3. another day: MOM without me, today would just be another day. you're welcome.Β 

4. teenager: MOM sorry for what i said when i was a teenager.

5. proud mom: proud mom of a few dumbasses **YOU WILL RECIEVE EITHER A WINE OR WHITE COLOR TIN**

6. awesome: MOM you're awesome! keep that shit up!

7. mommy needs a vacation: strawberry coladas, relaxation, & no kids

scent description:
3 scents have been made & are random [cannot choose] a raspberry floral blend, a strawberry cocktail blend, & a strawberry floral blend

size available:
7.5 oz |Β 212 g -- 40 + hours burn time

πŸ™ local supporting local πŸ™
nearly all of my supplies comes from fellow ohio businesses!

candle burning tips:

πŸ•― always trim the wick 1/4 in each time before burning, it helps prevent mushrooming, sooting, & your candle from overheating. if you stop reading now, this is the best tip!! trim the wick EVERY TIME!
πŸ•― avoid drafts, vents & air currents to prevent uneven/rapid burning, sooting & excessing dripping
πŸ•― never touch or move a burning candle once the wax has liquified!
πŸ•― extinguish a candle if the flame becomes too high or starts to flicker repeatedly - this means the wick needs trimmed or is in a drafty area
πŸ•― don't burn a candle all the way down - 2 inches for non container, 1/2 in for container.
πŸ•― don't burn for more than four hours, allow your candle to chill out. this keeps them from overheating and the wicks from dipping off to the sides.
πŸ•― use a snuffer! they help prevent spreading ash particles & help when container candles start to get low. invest in one!

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