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the salty hive

spell on you wax melts

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spell on you
artisan wax melts net wt 3 oz | 85 g

unleash your inner witch with our spell on you wax melts! our blend of sweet plum, mysterious sandalwood, juicy fig, & tantalizing berries will enchant your senses with its magical aroma. hocus pocus, you won't want to miss out on this spellbinding scent!

scent description:
dark plum, sandalwood, fall berries, & fig leaves. ah-say-intopie-oppa-maybe-uppendie

add 1-2 squares to a wax warmer. always follow manufacturer's instructions for your warmer. keep out of reach of children.

each square lasts an average 16-24 hours*, however it does depend on the warmer size/wattage, tealight warmer, room size/draft, etc.

[see below for tips to get the most out of your melts.]

i use a custom wax blend of soy & mineral that provides an exceptional cold & hot scent throw. the maximum allotted amount of fragrance oil is used to provide you with the best smelling experience possible. all melts are hand-poured in small batches & self-tested for quality control. my melts are compatible in scentsy & other electric or tealight warmers. *not to be used in oil burners.

my wax melts & candles, because of my unique custom wax blend, are made with an indefinite shelf life when stored properly.
⭐ store in a dark & cool place, or at least room temperature, max.
⭐ never store melts in refrigerator or freezer.
⭐ wax melts are like vampires! keep them out of direct sunlight – at least for extended period of time – not only will they melt, the heat will evaporate that awesome scent before you even get to enjoy it!